Acrylic Distemper

Being a leading enterprise of this industry, we are offering a huge range of Acrylic Distemper to our clients.

Acrylic Distemper

Product Details:

Acrylic Distemper is water thinnable and water washable distemper. It is a premium quality product used for interior walls and sometimes exterior walls to beautify the walls. After mixing appropriate water quantity you can apply this product on the wall with the help of brush or rollers whichever is convenient for you.

It has been formulated to provide long-lasting beautiful finish on your walls. It offers a matt and soft sheen finish option that creates a rich look of your home. It provides higher coverage over distempers, thus offering a superior finish at a cost not too high.


  • Color: It is available in white but can give range 700+ bright and attractive shades if mixed with paint tint machine
  • Finish: Soft Touch Acrylic gives unmatched durability and smooth finish to wall
  • Polymers: Soft Touch Distemper Formulated with best acrylic polymer binders that gives best performance.